Top 32 Pinterest Categories Every E-commerce Business Should Know About

Are you wondering whether Pinterest is right for your business?

Not sure if it will work for your small business?

May be you’ve asked yourself several times whether you should use Pinterest for your business.

That’s why in this post, I will be sharing 32 major Pinterest categories with millions of interested users and customers that are looking for ideas and product inspiration on a daily basis on the platform.

If your business falls under any of these categories and you don’t have an active Pinterest account yet for your business, you are missing out on the incredible opportunity that the platform presents.

I also created a video tutorial to show you how to navigate the different categories on Pinterest incase you’d like to do some research for your business.

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Top 32 Business Categories on Pinterest

Since Pinterest is a growing platform, the number of followers for each category would have increased by the time you read this blog post. How awesome is that?

1. Animals

Followers: 46.2 Million

Related Topics: Dogs & Puppies, Cats & Amphibians, Cats & Kittens, Birds, Mammals, Exotic Pets, Fish, Amphibians, Insects, Reptiles

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2. Architecture

Followers: 34.5 Million

Related Topics: House plans, modern architecture, remodels and restorations, urban design, architects, ancient architecture, landscape architecture, sustainable architecture, classical architecture, great buildings and structures.

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3. Art

Followers: 92.5 Million

Related Topics: Paintings, fine art, art history, design, ceramics, comics and cartoons, illustrations posters, photography, print making, famous artists, architecture, film making

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4. Cars and Motorcycles

Followers: 117 Thousand

Related Topics: Motorcycles, exotic cars, car audio, luxury cars, concept cars, sport bikes, auto racing, off road and motocross, sports cars, scooters, hybrids and electric cards, NASCAR

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5. Celebrities

Followers: 30 Million

Related Topics: Actors, actresses, celebrity babies, celebrity news, celebrity photos, royals, entertainment, celebrity mos, celebrity dads.

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6. Design

Followers: 74.1 Million

Related Topics: Interior design, furniture design, apparel design, graphic design, logo design, typography, digital design, industrial design, web design, interaction design

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7. DIY and Home Improvement

Followers: 61 Million

Related Topics: DIY decorating, DIY projects, craft storage, knitting and crocheting, sewing, hacks, furniture, bead work, scrap booking, quilting, embroidery, pottery,

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8. Education

Followers: 41.9 Million

Related Topics: classroom management, art education, math, foreign languages, language arts, special education, science, social studies, nutrition, physical education.

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9. Entertainment

Followers: 300 Thousand

Related Topics: Movies, Books, music, celebrities, TV shows, country music, geek culture, rock music, independent films, musicians, documentaries, hip pop.

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10. Food and Drinks

Followers: 74.7 Million 

Related Topics: Desserts, healthy recipes, holiday recipes, fast recipes, breakfast and brunch, brunch recipes, Italian recipes, Mexican recipes, coffee, paleo, gluten free, wine.

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11. Gardening

Followers: 117 Thousand

Related Topics: Garden design, container gardening, landscaping, garden planning, flowers, bulbs, vegetable gardening, annual plants, roses, trees, perennials, wine

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12. Geek

Followers: 15.2 Million 

Related Topics: Star wars, marvel comics, batman, doctor who, Pokemon, DC comics, anime, Sherlock, Loki, cosplay, fan art

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13. Hair and Beauty

Followers: 25 Million

Related Topics: Kinky Curly, Natural Hair, box braids, lace closure, scene hair, hair weaves, straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair

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14. Health and Fitness

Followers: 53 Million

Related Topics: Diet, fitness, healthy recipes, cardio, workout plans, nutrition, yoga, Pilates, stdio workouts, race training

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15. History

Followers: 30 Million

Related Topics: Ancient history, British history, American civil war, Native American history, American revolution, Women’s history, world war 1, cold war, US presidents.

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16. Holidays and Events 

Followers: 182 Thousands

Related Topics: Christmas, thanksgiving holiday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, new years, Halloween, Valentine’s day, Easter, Hanukkah, Fourth of July.

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17. Home Decor 

Followers: 114 Million

Related Topics: Country decor, Arts and crafts, modern decor, coastal decor, English country decor, transitional decor, French decor, mid-century modern, Mediterranean decor, Moroccan decor, tropical decor

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18. Humor

Followers: 56 Million

Related Topics: Funny quotes, funny pictures, memes, e-cards, comics and cartoons.

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19. Illustrations and Posters

Followers: 84 Thousand

Related Topics: Posters, movie posters, poster design, digital illustration, infographic, concept art.

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20. Kids and Parenting

Followers: 15.3 Million

Related Topics: Advice for moms, baby gear, baby feeding, child development, newborn care, family activities, new parent advice, adoption, child nutrition, baby health, child sleep, child safety

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21. Men’s Fashion

Followers: 29 Million

Related Topics: Men’s outfits, men’s grooming, men’s jacket, men’s jeans, men’s accessories, men’s shoes, men’s suits, men’s t-shirts, men’s apparel, sneakers, men’s formal wear, men’s watches,

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22. Outdoors

Followers: 10.2 Million

Related Topics: Camping, backpacking, hiking, canoeing, viewing wildlife, running, climbing, snorkeling, kayaking, road cycling, skateboarding, snowboarding

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23. Photography

Followers: 78 Million

Related Topics: Family photography, portrait photography, fashion photography, abstract photography, nature photography, landscape photography, wedding photography, animal photography, travel photography, underwater photography, sports photography, photojournalism.

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24. Products

Followers: 66 Thousand

Related Topics: Sneakers, USB flash drive, fountain pens, monitor, barbie, thirsty one, fashion dolls, beauty products, baby products, furniture, toys, patio.

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Followers: 65 Million

Related Topics: Love quotes, change quotes, life quotes, happiness quotes, funny quotes, inspirational quotes, positive quotes, friendship quotes, education quotes, leadership quotes, historical quotes, success quotes.

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26. Science and Nature

Followers: 395 Thousand

Related Topics: Earth, nature, psychology, chemistry, environmental science, space and astronomy, natural disasters, life science, forensics and investigation, physics and mathematics, weather, natural history.

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27. Sports


Related Topics: Soccer, boxing, hockey, premier league, college basketball

28. Tattoos and Body Art

Followers: 54 Million

Related Topics: Black and gray tattoos, tattoo ideas, body art, body painting, body suite tattoos, lower back tattoos, temporary tattoos, piercings, marquesan tattoos, irezumi tattoos, nose piercings.

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29. Technology

Followers: 62 Million

Related Topics: Computers, electronics, gadgets, future tech, drones, energy technology, vehicles, startups, virtual reality, medical technology, transportation design, nano technology.

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30. Travel

Followers: 82 Million

Related Topics: Beach travel, budget travel, romantic travel, family travel, outdoor travel, culture travel, foodie travel, shopping travel, nightlife travel.

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31. Weddings

Followers: 116.6K

Related Topics: Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding rings, wedding favors, wedding cakes, wedding hairstyles, wedding flowers, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, wedding invitations, wedding accessories, wedding makeup.

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32. Women’s Fashion

Followers: 10 Million

Related Topics: Fashion tips, styling tips, celebrity style, fashion designers, haute couture, runway fashion,

Now that I’ve shared the current major categories on Pinterest, I would like to ask if your business is on Pinterest.

If so, what category are you in?

I’d like to know in the comments.


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